Our hospital is a National Grade III General Hospital integrating medical treatment, education, scientific research, prevention, health care and rehabilitation.It was founded by the Canadian Christian Church Medical Missionary in 1892, formerly known as the Gospel Hospital, later known as the Sichuan Red Cross Gospel Hospital, Renji Hospital, the origin of Western medicine into Sichuan, the birthplace of the Sichuan Red Cross Movement and the first Red Cross. The hospital is also the predecessor of West China Hospital Sichuan University. It is a "national civilized unit", a national model union "model worker's home", a national health system "advanced unit for health culture construction", a national "reform and innovation hospital", "improving service innovation hospital", and "improving medical service demonstration hospital".

  Our hospital has three parts, the Qingyun Campus, the Longtan Campus, and the Caoshi Street Branch. The business area covers an area of about 40 acres. The building Longtan Hospital Branch is about 60 acres and will be put into use by the end of 2020. There are about 2,270 employees in the hospital, including 354 senior titles, 75 Doctors, 435 Masters, 12 special allowances from the State Council and the municipal government, 21 provincial and municipal academic leaders, 37 clinical departments, 11 medical technology departments and 21 functional departments. there are 75 clinical specialties and 17 medical technology majors, with a total of 1,450 beds and a total population of 3 million in the service area.

  We have provincial, municipal and hospital key disciplines and a number of specialties: 8 provincial key (scholar) specialties (Dermatology, Burn and Plastic Surgery, Cardiology, Respiratory , Orthopedics, Rehabilitation, Interventional Radiology, Anesthesiology), 13 municipal key disciplines (Dermatology, Burn and Plastic Surgery, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Anesthesiology, Nursing, Rehabilitation , Geriatrics, Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, Interventional Radiology, Pain, Neurology , Neurosurgery, Oncology), 7 national medical treatment centers (chest pain center, stroke center, heart failure center, atrial fibrillation center, digestive system tumor multidisciplinary cooperation group, prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment integration center, fatty liver disease diagnosis and treatment center), 6 city quality control centers and 18 multidisciplinary treatment centers, 2 municipal research institutes (Skin Disease Research Institute, Burn Disease Research Institute), and 1 municipal rehabilitation center, which are provincial extension technology (slow disease) promotion bases. Now it is the Non-affiliated Chengdu Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University and the Third Clinical College of Chongqing Medical University, the Clinical Teaching Base of North Sichuan Medical College, Chengdu Medical College and Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine; the Chengdu General Training Base; the continuing education base for professional technicians of Sichuan Province and Chengdu city; the first batch of standardized training bases for residents in the country, the standardized training base for specialists in Sichuan Province, and the first batch of standardized training bases for nurses in Sichuan Province. Internal Medicine, Surgery and Dermatology is a joint master's degree training base with Zunyi Medical University

 Our hospital has imported medical electronic linear accelerator (LA), ultra-high-end dual-source CT, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), digital subtraction angiography X-ray machine, digital mammography system and other modern upmarket equipment valuing 370 million.

  In the past 127 years, the hospital has been based on cleanliness, safety and stability,focused on the idea of “three satisfactions and one development”and based on the development of “Large-special, Small-general”, focusing on the characteristic development of  Dermatology and Burn and Plastic specialists, key development of  Cardiology, Rehabilitation and other disciplines. We promise to take providing good medical service at reasonable prices as the hospital's largest public welfare for long-term adherence, We will focus on the full implementation of the annual high-quality development of "ten projects", and strive to build a national first-class, southwest leading, profound humanities tradition and the “100-year-old Renji” well-known brand medical complex with distinctive characteristics and beautiful environment.