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Our hospital held a training course on burning-repair surgery with Bangladesh


President Xi Jinping proposed that the “One Belt, One Roadstrategy is a major strategic measure for China to optimize domestic reforms, expand opening-up, improve the external environment for rejuvenation and achieve international common development and prosperity,which also develops and upgrades China's medical and health industry and of great significance to the national cultural soft power and influence .

 In order to effectively strengthen the friendly cooperative relationship between China and Bangladesh and help them cultivate talents, the "2018 Bangladesh Burning-Repair Surgery Technical Training Course" ,hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of China and undertaken by the Sichuan Provincial Health and Planning Commission International Exchange Center started in Chengdu. The training courses lasted for 28 days. All the 19 trainees were professional technicians engaged in burning-repair surgery in Bangladesh.

 This training courses is a bilateral training course signed by the Bangladesh government and the Chinese side. It is also the first bilateral health assistance project from Bangladesh to China in Sichuan Province. Our hospital is very honored to be entrusted by the Sichuan Provincial Health and Planning Commission International Exchange Center to organize training for the students together with the West China Hospital Sichuan University and the Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital.

  On the afternoon of September 10, under the leadership of the Provincial Health and Planning Commission International Exchange Center, 19 students came to our hospital to open a professional practice and trainee for more than 10 days. Vice president Liu Ya, Director of the Department of Burn and Plastic Surgery Wang Dehuai and other relevant personnel attended the opening ceremony of the training class.

 Vice President Liu Ya was entrusted by Dean Xu Ronghua to express a warm welcome to the arrival of the Bangladeshi students and introduced the basic outline of the hospital to the participants of the training class. She said that our hospital is very honored to hold this training ,and the friendly exchange between China and Bangladesh has a long history. China attaches great importance to the development of China-Bangladesh relations. The The road bring a developmenthas provided new opportunities for cooperation and win-win cooperation between the two countries. The training will not only help the trainees learn about China's advanced burning-repair technique, but also provide a good opportunity for Chinese and Bangladesh medical and health peers to enhance understanding, promoting cooperation and help the people's health undertakings continue to develop.

   Subsequently, Director Wang Dehuai of the Department of Burn and Plastic Surgery introduced the history and departmental honors and achievements of the Department of Burn and Plastic Surgery. Director Wang Dehuai said that through the next 10 days of exchange, I hope that the students and department physicians will exchange and study in depth to discuss burning-Repair technique. The trainees visited Department of Burn and Plastic Surgery, Department of Medical Aesthetics, and Department of Rehabilitation. They also studied the work by the rehabilitation department in the functional rehabilitation of burning patients.Then the training courses will discuss the related work of burning-repair surgery technique with the participants through special lectures, operation exercises, clinical trainees and exchange seminars. Courses such as China's national conditions, surgical burns, burns and wound repair, clinical care for burns, and clinical training in burns will also be arranged.

 Through these training classes, the experience and technique of China's burning-repair surgery will be shared with the trainees, which will enable the trainees to fully understand the new techniques and development trends of burning-repair surgery in China, improve the professional theory, clinical skills in a short period of time and improve the quality and level of burning restoration surgery in Bangladesh.

 Our hospital firmly grasps this historical opportunity, using the communication of burning surgery as a bridge to actively build a cooperation platform with medical institutions in the countries and regions along the One Belt, One Road, so that Bangladeshi medical institutions can deepen each other on this platform to communicate, cooperate closely, exchange the cutting-edge medicines, share the medical achievements, jointly serve the medical market of their respective countries.Finally it will establish strategic cooperative relations and achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation in the future development. Our hospital will contribute the strength in the process of the development of the One Belt, One Roadconstruction.