International Exchangesdetailed

Experts from Imperial College London visited our hospital


On the afternoon of May 10, 2018, a group of 4 experts from Department of Anesthesiology, Hammies Hospital, affiliated to Imperial College London visited our hospital for academic exchanges. Vice President Liu Ya, Assistant Dean Xie Xue, Wang Xuyang and relevant personnel participated the exchange.

The Vice president of our hospital, Liu Ya, entrusted by Dean Xu Ronghua expressed warm welcome to the arrival of experts. At the exchange meeting, Vice President Liu Ya gave a brief introduction to the history and culture of the 100-year-olds love and benevolence of our hospital. Subsequently, Parvethprasad Annamalai, director of the anesthesiology department of the Hammsmith Hospital affiliated to Imperial College London, Umeer Waheed, director of the intensive care unit,  Henry Charles Bishop,director of external circulation, and Ms. Guan Jianqun,cardiologist head nurse, gave wonderful academic lectures, including cardiopulmonary bypass medicine, anesthesia medication, ICU patient treatment and the status of UK nursing development. Some of the current focus and difficult issues in the medical field have been fully explored. After the lecture, the experts visited the ward and exchanged clinical work such as ward rounding, teaching, and medical record discussion.

Through the form of international cooperation such as going out, coming in, our hospital will continuously improve the quality of medical care and technical level, strengthen the construction of disciplines, and contribute to further promoting the healthy Chengdu strategy.