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Dr. Zhai Qihui, Professor of Department of Pathology, Mayo Clinic, USA, came to our hospital to teach


On the afternoon of April 11, 2018, Dr. Zhai Qihui, Professor of Department of Pathology of the Mayo Clinic, Member of Department of Surgical Pathology and Immunohistochemistry, and Chairman of the National Chinese Pathology Society of the USA, visited our hospital for academic lectures. Professor Bu Hong and Professor Zhang ShangfuDepartment of Pathology of West China Hospital Sichuan University , Xu GangDirector of Department of Pathology, Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, , Vice President Liu Ya of our hospital, and many experts from Chengdu Pathology Quality Control Center attended the conference.

At the meeting, Professor Zhai introduced the pathology of Mayo's profound pathology research, the latest progress of tumor pathological diagnosis, the typical pathological morphology picture and the significance of related molecular pathological examination, and taught the Diagnose clues of the pathology of prostate and thyroid. He also shared a wealth of diagnostic experience and details accumulated in the daily pathology work. In addition to the lectures, Professor Zhai answered the questions raised by staffs present, so that every medical staffs present was very rewarding.

The training enabled the participants to further understand the new developments in pathological diagnosis, pathology technology and pathology management at home and abroad, thus updating their professional knowledge, broadening their professional horizons and improving their professional level.